Eric grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended many
big name concerts in New York City. This fostered an
opportunity to develop his craft mainly taking black and
white photos. Some of his photos taken include members
of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jethro
Tull to name a few of the performers.

Eric joined the U.S. Army in January of 1974. Traveled
all over the world. He retired from the Army after 24
years of service to his country.

He has settled in to civilian life in Colorado Springs, CO.
He enjoys fishing, hiking, and just being outdoors. Eric
has three passions in life. They are spending quality
time with his wife and family. Seeking out awesome
nature scenery to capture his love for photography.
Using his musical talents playing in a band called "One

Through his photography, he seeks to glorify the Lord
God. He seeks to show his awesome wonders, his
creations in nature, and His love for all. Through the
band "One Way" he helps to sow seeds, through His
music, His words, to help the needy, the weak, the lost,
to know our Lord God better. To be able to give people
hope and to let His Kingdom grow.
Eric Enger
Nature Photographer

Eric Enger
Nature Photographer - Musician
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Eric Enger
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