Enjoy the awesome colors of light and shadows found in nature. The following
galleries bring to you the wonders of nature, color, and reflections of our
Creator. My photos seek to Glorify our awesome God who has given us His
Paintbrush to enjoy.
A Picture
is worth a thousand words
Spring And Summer
Wild Life
Water and Lakes
Colorado Fall
Great Sand Dunes
Garden of the Gods
Balloon Classic
May you be blessed by the awesome beauty around you. The Creator has given us but a glimpse of the
beauty that we will enjoy when we meet Him.
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Natures Paintbrush  by Eric Enger
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Nature Galleries
Skillet - Awake and Alive Tour - Denver 2009
The Letter Black
Decyfer Down
Hawk Nelson
Heaven Fest 2010
Hawk Nekson
Ever Found
Decyfer Down
The Kry
Thousand Foot Krutch
Baseball Action
Colorado Rockies 2010
8 April 2011
Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan band
USO Concert
Lieutenant Dan Band
4/20/11 Rockies Vs Giants
9 Jul 2011 Jay Leno
7/9/11 Jay Leno Concert
6/19/11 Rockies Vs Tigers
6/30/11 Rockies Vs White Sox
White collar Side Show
Super Chick
Heaven Fest 2011
As I Lay Dying
Jeremy Camp
Mercy Me
Phil Keggy
Heaven Fest 2009
7th Day Slumber
Stellar Kart
Third Day
8/3/11 Rockies Vs Phillies
8/7/11 Rockies Vs Nationals
7/22/11 Rockies Vs Padres
9/18/11 Rockies Vs Giants
4/9/12 Rockies Vs Giants
4/12/12 Rockies Vs Giants
4/12/12 Rockies Vs Mets
4/12/12 Rockies Vs Braves
19 May 2012
Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan band
USO Concert
Lieutenant Dan Band
8 Jun 2012
6/14/12 Rockies Vs Athletics
6/8/12 Daughtry Concert
Heaven Fest 2012
6/14/12 Rockies Vs Athletics
8/15/12 Rockies Vs Brewers
7/15/12 Rockies Vs Phillies